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Two man crew

Because your partner could be brand new, touch base a couple days before. Call the cell; send a text.

Try to cancel out as much as possible. Remember, Blue's Rule #1--no surprises.

Challenges with a new partner
  • Skill level.
  • Who works the plate Game 1.
  • Color of shirt to wear.

 fyi     “No-hurt” calls are your second play in the infield. Play at the plate ranks higher than safe or out at 2B.

Now, with a partner, there's the pressure of getting the right call on the appeal, obstruction and/or interference.

Finally, with the Blue Crew, fans have higher expectations.

Saving grace? These calls are in the low FL category. While talked about a lot, appeal, obstruction and/or interference. there's a good chance you won't run into them once or twice a 20-game season.


                         Brendan deals--lumberman ready to launch.

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