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 Base Mechanics--the Right Right Angle

Coverage for the base umpire is the same as the dish: start with HOKS (Hands on Knee Set). Take your time on the call.

Erin in the B position; R1 leads off 1B
Erin in the B position; R1 leads off 1B
While the plate umpire’s top priority is ball/strike, the base umpire’s top priority is safe/out:

  •  Stop before the ball reaches the

  •  Let the throw take you to the

The base umpire works in and out of what is called the "safe area" or "work area."This is like a 3 x 10 foot rectangle behind the pitcher's mound.This means you’re two or three quick steps to the play, to make the call.

Images above and below show field umpire Erin move in and out of the work area.

With a runner on 1B, think of yourself as a hall monitor pre-pitch:

  •  Watch for the balk (low Frequency Level (FL).
  •  Pick-off attempts (medium FL).
  •  Ball gets by the 1B sacker (low-medium FL; age dependent).

Erin in the C position; R1 leads off 2B
Erin in the C position; R1 leads off 2B
fyi   Foul balls can come in droves. Use P2R—pause to watch the ball and the fielder; read catch/no catch; react to where the ball is going.

As the OBR states, “The umpire’s eyes are everlastingly on the ball.”

Make your signals clear, crisp, and clean.

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