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Sportsmanship and Game Control

Brendan and Zack at the plate meeting
Brendan and Zack at the plate meeting
Looking closely at Rule 3, “Game Preliminaries” and Rule 4, “Starting and Ending a Game,” helps with game management. 

With the Umpire Crew in charge, skippers know what is expected of them and their team.

Suggested comments

fyi  Make sure you listen to the coach, hear what he has to say.

fyi  Keep you hands down but don't allow pointing at you or getting past your personal space.

  •  "I will listen coach but I'm not going to change my call."
  • "Okay coach, maybe I kicked it, maybe I didn’t. But we’re not going to discuss this.”

 Warnings to coach for comments below

  • “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
  • Repeated "C'm on, Blue."
  • Arguing balls and strikes.
fyi  Don't allow too much negative chatter from the bucket. (This is a privilege you are granting them, i.e. sitting on their buckets outside the dugout.) Spell it out plain and simple, i.e. "Any more coach and you'll have to leave."

Automatic EJ’s

  • Profanity by coaches, players, or fans.
  • Unruly fans? Talk to coach between innings.
  • Players-- throwing a bat against the fence after a K.
  • Players—throwing helmet in the dugout after a K.

Remember, you’re in charge, be in charge.

Doc and Brain's plate meeting

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a good plate conference. In addition, the only friend you have on the diamond is your partner. He is the only one you talk or listen to.

When it comes to fans, it’s pretty simple:

  • Don’t mess with fans.
  • Don’t talk to them, don’t listen them, don’t argue with them.
  • Don’t acknowledge them.

Remember, nothing is bigger than the game.


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