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Umpiring softball

Plate umpire

Biggest difference? There is but 40 or 42 feet from the mound to home plate. Also, the ball through the pitching corridor will rise instead of drop.

Plus, there is no “hill” that the hurler throws down from but softball comes at you virtually in a straight line. Also, because the distance is but 42 feet instead of 50 or 60, plate blue has to stay locked in even more.

Take a split second longer before making the call.

Now, because these young ladies can deal upwards of 75-80 mph 42 feet away, forget any thought process—let your muscle memory take over. Stay locked in, call the pitch.


Field  umpire

Now, because the base paths are shorter, think of setting up outside the fielders.

The simple equation? Ball goes out, you go in. Ball stays in, you stay out. The remaining mechanics—HOK, pivot and swivel—stay the same.

Plus, there is no leading off. If you’re working alone, the coach might try to get an out. He'll call time, saying the runner left too early. The best you can do is look through the catcher to 1B. Remember, this is a $38 garden variety call—the price of another umpire.


                                                        Pregame warm ups.

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