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For the fans

Fans enjoying the action
Fans enjoying the action
We can know turn our attention to the real deal—the fans. After all, if the great American pastime didn’t have spectators, where would we be?

 Game time

Because really, as you find a seat in the bleachers or unfold the lawn chairs--especially when there’s a 40-team tourney in town—customary in hot baseball towns all summer long—your main concern is game start time.

Always give yourself plenty of time to get to the yard.
Typical tournament recap

Pool play--games run 1:40 (one hour and 40 minutes).

Once teams are seeded, games run 1:50.

Usually, the winning team plays later in the day while the losing team plays back to back. Depending on the number of days, teams, and so on, they might face either elimination or wind up in the loser's bracket.

 Fans and players cool down between contests

Fans and players cool down between contests

Travel time

Always have a good idea how long it will take to get from hotel to ball yard; plan accordingly.

Like the umpires, you want to get there in plenty of time to get set before the game starts.

And, just like the Blue Crew, there are no surprises.


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