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Comfort, safety, diet

Justin and Brendan cool down between innings
Justin and Brendan cool down between innings. Fight the fans, fight the coaches? No, by mid-June, umpires have to battle the heat.
to make it through the season: Work smarter, not harder.

Stay hydrated at all times. Key is to drink plenty of water.

Beat the heat--have a solid hydration plan:

  • Drink water the night before.
  • Drink water before you head for the yard.
  • Drink water between innings.
  • Drink water after the contests.  

Watch out for heat exhaustion.
Warning signs:

  • Feel thirsty.
  • Get chills.
  • Feel nauseated.
  • Getting a headache.
  • Feel dizzy, fatigued.
  • Muscles start cramping up.

Umpires need to find shade between games. They can also drape a cool towel around their neck.

 Season start in March—fight cold temps, gear up:

  • Make sure you have a foul weather hood or ear protectors.
  • Wear a skull cap.
  • Wear leather gloves with fingers exposed in key places.

Season end in July—keep yourself hydrated at all times. Keep your core body temperature down.

If start feeling dizzy, you are already too late. Make sure you have a plan. Someone you can call, somewhere you can go if you can't finish the game.

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