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Better Umpires= Better Baseball

Always have a plate meeting--five minutes before the start of the game

Plate meeting procedure—establishes you are in control. Keep the conference short and sweet. Three things you can say to the coach.

"I have a wide zone."
"Please have your players hustle on and off the  field."
"Talk to me between innings if there are questions."

fyi Start the game on time. Have plate meeting 5 minutes before  scheduled start of the game.

I.       Quick reference: "Fake It 'Til You Make It." Further reference from the OBR: see Rule 4, Starting and Ending a Game + Rule 5, Putting the Ball in Play, Live Ball + Rule 9.04a, proper conduct of the game.

II.    Combined with hustle, make calls crisp, clean, and clear. This helps you maintain control. 

Points to remember

I.     Your head is your camera.
II.    Your legs are camera's tripod--wide for balance.
III.   Move eyes as ball travels through the pitching corridor.

Watch as Erin gets set in the slot

I.     Watch as she comes comes set, head to toe.
II.    Throws hammer on batter's swing and miss.
III.   On second pitch, watch as she simply steps back, recording the pitch, a ball, with this indicator.

Watch as AJ gets set in the slot

I.     Watch as AJ crouches down.
II.     His eyes track the pitch through the pitching corridor

III.    He doesn't move camera as Brendan swings and misses.
IV.    AJ throws the hammer.








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