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Base Umpire in the B and C Positions

Runner at 1B, Erin sets up in B position

  •  Hands on knee set (HOK).  
  •  On pitch, can take a step to home.  
  •  Pivot toward 1B on pickoff attempt.


                                                                                    Erin in the B position. R1 at 1B. 
Base umpire mechanics

  • Pre-pitch, acts as hall monitor--checks the runner, pitcher come set.
  • Batted ball, lets throw take her to the play.
  • Takes her time on the call.

While there's a lot to keep track of with continuing action, mechanics stay the same.


Erin in the C position. R1 is at 2B

Two-Umpire Rotation:

With runner(s) in scoring position, umpire communication is critical.
  • Who does what, who goes where. Think of a V diagram. 
  • Base umpire, in the B or C position, covers balls hit in the V--basically between shortstop and second base. 
  • Plate umpire covers balls hit outside the V.
fyi    As Rule 9, "The Umpire," states, "Keep your eye everlastingly on the ball while it is in play.
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